Contacting HSP & HSPiP

The day-to-day handling of official HSP & HSPiP issues is done by Steven. Feel free to contact him at his Steven Abbott address or via the Hansen-Solubility email system. Steven is happy to answer questions such as:

  • General questions on HSP
  • Technical support on HSPiP
  • General questions about HSP science
  • Bug reports and features requests for HSPiP
  • Requests for a free on-line tutorial showing HSPiP in action*
  • Requests for quotes or pricing information
  • Moving HSPiP to a new computer
  • Lost license files
  • Just about anything else

If your question is more about HSP itself then Steven often passes them on to Charles who has a vast knowledge-base from which to answer. If you feel that your question is likely to require Charles' specialist knowledge, you can find Charles' contact information here.

All the support for HSPiP is free of charge. How can we manage that? It turns out that the HSPiP user community values such support so doesn't abuse it. We in turn value the huge contribution made by the users to the development of HSPiP. Some of the best improvements to the package have come via smart observations and clever insights by our many users.

*We sometimes are asked to issue a trial license to HSPiP. Over the years we've concluded that this is a poor use of everyone's time. A live demo of HSPiP over a WebEx-style link allows potential users to see the software in action in whatever ways are relevant to them. They are encouraged to challenge Steven during the demo. If HSPiP can't do what the user wants then such a fact can efficiently be discovered during the demo. As Steven is a scientist, not a salesman, there is no attempt to mask problems or hide issues.