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Papers from the historic 50th Anniversary HSP Conference

We are grateful to those speakers who gave us permission to put (a version of) their paper onto the Hansen-Solubility site. Enjoy exploring the wide range of topics, insights and challenges from this amazing conference!

The new theoretical treatment of HSP is described in detail in three papers by Dr Hiroshi Yamamoto, Consideration of Hansen Solubility Parameters. Parts 1-3

Wed 5 April    
Dr Charles HansenHSPiPDenmarkA brief history of HSPWed 01 Hansen.pptx
Dr Hiroshi YamamotoHSPiPJapanNew directions in HSP Part 1: Splitting δDWed 02 Yamamoto.pdf
Dr Seishi ShimizuU YorkUKStatistical thermodynamics of regular solutions and solubility parametersWed 03 Shimizu
Dr Hiroshi YamamotoHSPiPJapanNew directions in HSP Part 2: Donor/Acceptor and δNetWed 04 Yamamoto.pdf
Prof Jean-Marie AubryU LilleFranceA "top-down" in silico approach for designing ad hoc bio-based solvents: application to glycerol-derived solvents of nitrocelluloseWed 05 Aubry.pdf
Prof Andreas KlamtCOSMOlogicGermanyThe wider application range of COSMO-RSWed 06 Klamt.ppt
Thu 6 April    
Prof James Clark & Dr James SherwoodU YorkUKGreen chemistry and HSPThu 01 Clark.pptx
Peter FiskPeter Fisk AssociatesUKExamination of the relevance of Hansen Solubility Parameters to prediction of environmental hazardsThu 02 Fisk.pptx
Stefan LawrensonU YorkUKHSPiP for Greener Solid Phase Organic Synthesis (SPOS)Thu 03 Lawrenson.pptx
Prof Daniel SchmidtU Mass LowellUSASustainable reformulation using HSPThu 04 Schmidt.pdf
Prof Steven AbbottHSPiPUKProtective barriers designed using HSPThu 05 Abbott.pptx
Diego TiradoUniversidad Complutense de MadridSpainApplication of the Hansen solubility theory for the selection of co-solvents for supercritical carbon dioxide extractionThu 06 Tirado.pdf
Dr Andrew SlarkHenkel Adhesive TechnologiesUKControlling dye delivery in electronic imaging via dye-polymer interactionsThu 08 Slark.pdf
Dr Martin AnderssonSP technical Research Institute of SwedenSwedenPrediction of eye-irritation with HSPiP and via elongation of polymer threadsThu 09 Andersson.pptx
Prof Martin GarnettU NottinghamUKLack of correlation of polymer-drug dispersion stability with Hildebrand or Hansen solubility parametersThu 10 Garnett.pdf
Dr Robert Gibson3M Purification Validation LaboratoryBelgiumThe application of Hansen solubility parameters to aspects of pharmaceutical process validationThu 11 Gibson.pdf
Tim Svenstrup PoulsenHerlev HospitalDenmarkHSP Guidance used in cancer assay for precision medicineThu 12 Poulsen.pptx
Fri 7 April    
Sander van LoonVLCINetherlandsMeasurement of HSP as a commercial serviceFri 01A van Loon.pdf
Bart Wuytens AgfaLabsBelgiumMeasurement of HSP as a commercial serviceFri 01B Wuytens.pptx
Prof Dietmar LercheLUM GmbHGermanyHigh-efficient and automatic determination of Hansen Solubility (dispersibility) Parameters of micro-, nano-particles and quantum dots by instrumental in-situ visualization and quantification of sedimentation behavior under normal or high gravityFri 02 Lerche.pptx
Dr Eric BrendléAdscientisFranceRecent advances in IGC measurement of HSPFri 03 Brendle.pdf
Prof Adam VoelkelPoznań University of TechnologyPolandHansen Solubility Parameters in Chromatographic SciencesFri 04 Voelkel.pdf
Dr Katarzyna AdamskaPoznań University of TechnologyPolandHSP for biomedical polymers - application of inverse gas chromatographyFri 05 Adamska.pdf
Dr Anett KondorSurface Measurement SystemsUKDetermination of Hansen Solubility Parameters using Inverse Gas ChromatographyFri 06 Kondor.pdf