Science-Based Formulation

The SBF Initiative

With full support from Charles and Hiroshi, Steven has worked with SpecialChem and VLCI to bring HSP to the large-scale formulation community. We call the initiative "Science-Based Formulation" because instead of just words we have science-based number. Formulators can now get, for example, a numerical estimate of compatibility via the HSP Distance. This means that a search for a material can find

  • alternative materials with similar solubility characteristics (small HSP Distance)
  • matching materials to deliver other functions (e.g. plasticizers) which generally benefit from being compatible.

Nothing like this has ever been attempted before!

  • SpecialChem has produced estimated HSP values for 10's of thousands of chemicals using the Y-MB engine. There are plans to work with the major suppliers to encourage them to replace estimated values with measured ones.
  • VLCI is especially well placed to provide measurement services and/or train companies on how to make their own measurements.

Everyone will benefit from this huge increase in public-domain measured values, including the HSPiP team!

We have also prepared a set of training videos and articles, including fascinating case studies.

If you are just starting off with this topic, we suggest you start with a 20 min video tutorial on how HSP can help overcome solubility & compatibility issues faster.

Going deeper into the practical use of HSP, you’ll find several case studies on SpecialChem. Be it improving dispersibility of pigments & fillers in your coatings formulation or replacing toxic solvents in contact adhesives, use of HSP can lead to quicker solutions. It can also be put to use to address the flavor scalping issue in plastics packaging efficiently.

If you are in the cosmetics industry, with HSP you can:

To stay updated on the latest publications & to contribute to the SBF initiative, we invite you to join the Science-Based Formulation Community (SBFC) Science-Based Formulation Community (SBFC) on LinkedIn.