HSP Examples

Hansen Solubility Parameters provide a lot of predictive power by combining the simple idea of the three HSP with an objective measure of compatibility using the HSP Distance ( Ra). In addition there is the ability to create custom solvent blends where two poor solvents can create an excellent solvent.

Thousands of HSP values are known and a range of techniques now exists to be able to measure HSP values of polymers, (nano)particles, excipients etc. The examples in this section show the extent of the predictive power of HSP, covering a broad range of applications.

Exploring the examples also provides a rapid tutorial of how you might use HSP in your own work.

Increasingly those wanting to use HSP find that it useful to tap in to the power and convenience of HSPiP - with its software tools, automatic HSP predictions, a large number of useful datasets and an insightful eBook.

The official site of Hansen Solubility Parameters and HSPiP software.